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Mathematics Department

The Mathematics Department at the Sharjah American International School believes that Math is a powerful tool necessary for success in a wide variety of fields and lifelong endeavours. We seek to provide every student with the opportunity to realize her or his full potential as a mathematical thinker, and we are committed supporting and challenging all students.

By offering experiences that encourage students to explore ideas, take risks, and to think for themselves, we hope to foster a love of learning and an appreciation of mathematics.

We want our students to be effective problem solvers who think logically and critically, and we emphasize the importance of creativity and resilience in working through challenging, non-routine problems. When we establish skills, the emphasis is not on rote memory, but on working through logical and developmentally appropriate processes that students understand. Our classes are designed to foster communication and collaboration. Students are encouraged to take intellectual risks, to share their ideas, to seek out alternative approaches to problem-solving, and to develop new ways of thinking.

In the Math Department at Sharjah American International school, we believe that technology is one of the most important tools of education in the 21st century. That is why we implement technology starting from elementary grades through Math mental games and activities. Middle school classes have access to a new software that is designed to give students opportunities to apply their knowledge of technology and its uses in the teaching and learning of mathematics. Our high school program is subjected to the E-learning style that provides students with the opportunity to learn specific technological resources in mathematical contexts.

The Math Department follows the American curriculum and the common core standards through from grade 1 to grade 10, while students in Grade 11 and 12 prepared for college through Calculus and SATs.

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