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English Course Description

Learning to read is an excursion into the unknown. It's about meeting challenges head-on and gaining confidence with each victory. Preparing students for this voyage requires a program that lets teachers introduce the right discoveries at the right time. When things begin to line up, you can see confidence start to shine in students' eyes. Our Curriculum provides an instructional system for reading both literature and informational texts, for acquiring foundational skills, and for developing mastery of speaking, listening and writing.

This course creates the perfect environment for embracing the Common Core State Standards, making them accessible to every student. Each strand of the standards comes alive with scaffolded instructions, images and unique technology tools to prepare students for the demands of the future. Furthermore, this course strengthens reading and writing skills in such a manner that the student can transfer learning to other subject areas as well as to real-world situations. Students will practice and improve reading skills by completing reading comprehension exercises, practicing and using a variety of reading strategies, and incorporating Common Core State Standards that will help students be better prepare for the next level, for college, and for a career.

The reading gives equal attention to both literary and informational texts, includes a focus on text analysis, interpretation, critical thinking and reasoning skills, including comparing and contrasting texts and mediums, and prepares students to be analytical about resources and ideas. Also, students are encouraged to use prior knowledge and class discussions to deepen their literacy comprehension to become skilled and fluent readers.

In language, this course makes grammar and usage feasible, easy and understandable for every student. Moreover, the wide range of vocabulary the students encounter throughout all their textbooks helps them become better writers and speakers, who are able to add color and taste to their writing and speaking; not to mention, entertaining readers and listeners.

This course also offers students a considerable amount of speaking exercises. By employing vocabulary and usage every time they speak in class, they strengthen their communication skills.

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